miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Christians Injured

I have heard repeatedly that Christians are the only ones who leave their wounded abandoned. Maybe it is true, or perhaps those who leave the wounded, were never truly followers of Jesus. And I think that showed in the parable of the Good Samaritan, picking, curing and taking the restaurant who was wounded on the road to Jericho. Jericho mean world, and indeed, many leave the church, to the world for many different reasons. Are angry, they are deceived, lost, scattered, victims of deception or disrespect, lack of mercy or understanding. The truth is that many people move away, but very few people bother to ask because they were. The quick answer is that they are rebellious, carnal, are causing lawsuits, and of course, do not worry about them.
In most times we do not realize that we have risen so high, we are unable to see the need in the earthly. The early church, took care of orphans and widows, the poor, the needy, the church today is responsible for his anointing, his glory, his growth, his good name, and very little of the real the commandment to love our neighbor. When someone tries to do something is branded as a humanist, and that works there is no salvation, but I also remember that faith without works is dead. When the church takes care of feeding the hungry, and I say church, the body of Christ, then Christ himself is responsible for adding to the church to be saved.
The church is the body of Christ to help, to help to protect, to protect. In disasters, should be the first to be present in the social commitment in the cities should be committed to help, without expecting anything in cambio.La church is not only a hospital for the soul, and because the body without the spirit is dead, the soul without the body can not know God. God does not play first the spirit of the man who is dead, God first touches the soul, and this is affected when it helps. Jesus gave his life, gave her whole being, and I warrant, to forgive, to help feed, clothe, to preach. If the church preaches that no aid will not be credible in the eyes of man, nor be satisfied by God. It is true that the church is a spiritual body, but it is also true that consists of men and women in need.
Friendship, compassion, understanding, dialogue, concern for others, all this and much more, will be the reflection of a church that does not leave their wounded to die, but those looking for help, and integrated into the body, so they in turn are tanbien, nurses of the body.
Thank you Lord for your word and truth of your thoughts, O God help me put out by your word and be more like you want and less as I am. God bless. Luis M.