miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Rise and shine

God put us as lights in a world full of darkness, and Jesus is our light that illuminates. Shut a serious betrayal, it is necessary to talk, share, teach, preach through all the means that God put within our reach. Prepare Jesus disciples, and commissioned them to teach the world carefully the words they had received in those three years and half of discipleship. Commission to 70 and sent them two by two, to take authority, to heal the sick, to teach repentance. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, and this was sent, so they were witnesses. One witness spoke of what he has seen and heard has experienced God's presence.

In the church today seems as if the fullness of the Spirit is simply to feel, to enjoy, to worship that we've had more good. The fullness of the Spirit is to have the power and ability to preach the Gospel, to resist the temptations of this world, and to obey God.

What should we preach? repentance, forgiveness of sins, salvation through Jesus.

Who has to preach? All those who have believed in Christ.

When we have to preach? Whenever you get a chance, anywhere.

The gospel is Christ, is the gift of God is power to salvation.

Unfortunately, when the church accommodation was enrriquece, and took pleasure in itself, preaching the gospel only appears as an option. But preaching and teaching is a commandment of God. The early church, preach, was prosecuted and continued to preach, was taken to prison and death in the amphitheater, and continued preaching. And soon filled the entire known world of the gospel of Christ. They are disturbing because they knew and where they were and knew the show was at that time.

God has placed his son in earthenware vessels, has chosen the church, his body as an instrument to bring the gospel to every creature, and we can not be satisfied with our drowsy state. We must wake up and continue to proclaim the kingdom of God and His Justice. Either personally or by radio, television, the Internet. etc ... the important thing is that the message is clear and unequivocal. "The man without Christ is lost"

God bless you and affirm their faith and God will give us the courage to follow Jesus announced.

Luis M. Quiros.