miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009

Secrets of Worship

Singing is not worship, music is not worship, worship is the key to God's presence. And worship is complete surrender who has given everything for us. Worship is to enter the heart of God and remain in Him, is to consider, to admire and contemplate the beauty of the creator. You have to stay and not rush to leave. The true worshiper is alone with God, there is nobody else around, even when it may be surrounded by thousands of people. He who loves is clear of all charges, is taken by the Holy Spirit and moved to the throne of grace. Worship in the open sky, feel the angelic presence, you feel dirty, you're not worthy and your flesh and your soul is broken into a thousand pieces, your eyes fill with tears, and your mouth can only say: you're a saint saint. In worship, the glory of God immerses you in its fullness, and you are taken to places that can never express with your lips. Walk alone with Jesus, touring with him, feel the aroma of a thousand flowers, and fly like an eagle Riding the sky. It covers the most shining stars, and reach to see God's eternity.

To become a worshiper, you must first surrender to Jesus Christ and know him very intimately, you have to be madly in love with him and have received the anointing of a worshiper.

Worship is not born into the cult, is forged in the intimacy of each moment is a constant live close to Jesus.

In worship is all yours, all belong to him, there can be none other than Him

Very few men and women are the true anointing of worship. Is unique, exclusive and only for their lives taken by grace.

The church in Samaria in Terrassa, Barcelona, has something very special and is the worship of the heart out of a man who deeply loves Jesus Christ: his Apostol Jose Garcia, Pepe.

God has placed in your life tremendous keys to open the sky, his ministry has changed the traditional concept of praise, and has lifted the hearts of many believers towards a new dimension of glory.

The anointing that shows their love and commitment to Jesus Christ, makes the whole church is transferred in the meetings at the same throne of God.

To understand, and immerse yourself in the true worship is the foundation for loving and serving Christ, not much use to know all the mysteries of the scriptures and be empty of His glory, God of understanding, and we can continue grow in worship.

Luis M. Quiros.